Sometimes saving the world is not that big a concern to a knight

Hey everyone "I'm Homestar Runner, and THIS is A WEBSITE!" Just kidding, it's just me Waluigi Kcet here, finally getting my ConTAYct page up so you can all spam me with important info, greetings, gifs, and what have you. I'll probably update this with more uh text I guess, maybe some links, but for now I figured it'd be best for me to actually type up and finish making one. =D

Edit 1: Feel free to tag yourself as a character in my Mugenish pic, I'll add you to the list. Expand it if you need to, some characters are chilling in the background watching the battle and therefore are smaller (depth and such et wot)


Battle of the TAY: Lightside vs: Darkside (These are team names, not actual designations of good vs evil)

Zarnyx-Gannondorf/ Phoenix's Objection bubble =P

Furbs- Nightmare

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