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TAY Secret Santa List 2018 Edition

Possible things to get me:

I like to collect figures, video game related things, Magic the Gathering cards, video game/ anime artbooks, manga, and some anime things. As far as shirts go I usually wear men’s XL (just in case they shrink and such), and for the most part most of my game/anime shirts I’ve bought are from Sharkrobot.


Series/Characters I like:

This is simple since it’ll pretty much be a list of series I like and sometimes some characters I like from them. If it’s just the series then I don’t have a particular favorite character. Some of these will have some notes about them, usually about any books I have/dont have of that series.

  • Kamen Rider: Favorite characters are Fourze, Decade, Ghost, Diend, Black RX (I have a lot of figuarts, and some henshin belts but not alot of other merch) (feel free to ask for a more comprehensive list from Z or GBD if needed)
  • Overwatch: I have most of the figures or have them on pre order, and also own the artbook and comic collection. Seeing as how the blizzard statues are out of our range, if you go this route, I’d suggest any shirt. I only have one from hot topic that has all the original cast on it.
  • Dead or Alive: Kasumi, Tina, Rig, Brad Wong
  • Mass Effect: Garrus, Fem Shep ( I don’t have the any books beyond the 4 for the comic collections.
  • Sailor Moon: Sailor Jupiter and Venus ( I have the figuarts for them) ( but not super Venus )
  • Lupin the 3rd: Have a few figuarts, Season 1 ( green jacket) and a sweet lupin/akira style shirt from last years santay)
  • Kagaku ninjatai Gatchaman
  • Air Gear ( only missing the last volume, which I think is Vol. 37
  • Marvel Civil war comic collections ( I have X-men universe, The Road to Civil War, Civil War, New Avengers Civil war, and Punisher War Journal: Civil War
  • Nintendo: Waluigi ( all I have is Plushie, the Knex blind bag figure, a gashapon phone charm, and a Figure I got from a Toys R Us that was like 5 bucks, and the Amiibo)
  • Street Fighter: Chun-Li, Sagat, Akuma
  • Jojo’s Bizzare adventure: I have the Hardcovers for Phantom Blood, and battle tendency, I currently only have Vol. 1 of the Stardust Crusaders hardcovers (aka jojo part 3)
  • Dragon Ball: Vegeta, Vegeto, and Whis
  • I play alot of commander Magic the Gathering so a gift card for a online tcg shop wouldnt be out of the question. I also like custom tokens so if you or someone you know makes them, any of the aforementioned above characters as a token would be awesome too!

I could probably make a longer list of series I like, but I think that is good enough. If you have any questions or want a list of shows/ manga/games or whatever I already have, shoot GBD/Z a message and I’ll update asap, or they’ll send it to ya. Have fun this holiday. :D

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